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i've just returned from my first trip to Kobe. Kishiguchi-sensei, one of the english teachers at Ichikawa Jr. High, invited me to go with her a while back, and so we had a lovely day of shopping and such. and before you all ask, NO, i did not have any Kobe beef. it's expensive here too you know!!

we went to Tokyu Hands which is a huge awesome department store, and i was finally able to pick up some new art supplies, like watercolors and oil pastels. i also got the art gear to make my own new years cards! so when you don't get an xmas card from me this year, don't worry, i'm just going japanese style instead and skipping to new years cards. this coming year will be the year of the boar, so all the cute stamps and things are of boars. i think it will be fun to make these cards, i'm looking forward to it!

for lunch, we went to Chinatown. Kobe has one of the two most famous Chinatowns in Japan, the other being in Yokohama. we got gomadongo (sesame seed balls), mango juice, melon slices, ramen, and some other chinese cookies. it was a very tasty place! hehe.

we also went to some clothing shops where i was able to get some of the winter clothes i need for the upcoming cold season. my father sent some over just recently, but i needed things like a scarf, heavy socks, and a couple more sweaters got thrown in for good measure.

now i'm back, but i'm going back into himeji for dinner with Mariko and crew for her 19th b-day, which was yesterday. i'm gonna be broke and tired at the end of it, but it's been a good day.

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