Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

something's gotta give...

after a full week of dreading today's classes, they went uncharacteristically well.

my first two classes were the sixth graders. even though i'd had trouble explaining the game for the older kids to the teachers, the kids got it no problem once we started playing. combining a halloween vocab review with the other vocab they wanted in the lesson turned out better than i thought it would because the kids really DID remember the halloween vocabulary they learned last year. and the directions vocabulary was just challenging enough for them to have to work at the game i made (which is a TROGDOR game, thank you very much! kelly's got the best ideas!). i'd been told this school was a real pain, but i was happy that the older kids here are much more genki and willing to approach me than other sixth graders i've had. still, i haven't had the fifth graders yet, and they are usually the worst year, so we'll see how it goes.

after lunch, i had the second graders, who have a totally different lesson. their games involved running around and a little bit of halloween vocab they were already fairly good at, so it went well. even though that class has the crazy teacher from hell, it managed to go well, though i see a couple things i'll change to improve the game next time.

i'm here again tomorrow, and then another school on Wednesday, and a third one Thursday and Friday. i can't imagine the rest of the week will go as well as today did, but it definately boosts my confidence that today went much better than i thought it would.

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