Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

the everyday crazies

i don't want to think about work. i don't want to think about having to go to the elementary school starting monday and having three lessons on top of my self introduction to teach. especially without kelly's expereince to back me up and help me out.

i don't want to think about my finances right now. buying plane tickets home, the price of my car's inspection (it came through the oil leak situation okay, it seems it wasn't as big a problem as we thought, but now i still need to do my shakken), and my phone bills (gotta cut back on using the phone for international calls). i really want to save some money while i'm here, but it feels like i'm always spending too much, even though that's probably not true.

i'm don't want to think about my japanese proficency exams. i really feel like i'm just getting worse and worse at japanese somehow. my homework some days is right on, and other days i can't get a single question right it seems. and the test is only about a month away. i really want to pass it, since this is supposed to be an easy level for me!

menstruation really doesn't help matters.

really, i'm not all that stressed out. it's just a rainy monday here in fukusaki. and a little stress goes a long way on down days.

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