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hiroshima, day two

on the second day in hiroshima, we went to the other big tourist draw, the island of miyajima. the island is famous for it's floating tori and the sacred deer. this first shot is obviously us and the floating gate:

the girls and the gate

the deer there are adorable of course...

...but watch out if you have any kind of food (or even NOT food, they eat everything!):
kelly vs. deer

the guidebook says the island has three simple rules; no cutting down trees, no giving birth, and no dying. hehe. simple as they sound, we were ready to break that last rule after taking a hike the hiking in japan book described as easy. well, it was a 4 hour hike up a million steep mountain stone steps. here's an interperative dance of our climbing:
mountain death dance

after reaching the top, we took the ropeway/skilift thinging back down. i was BEAT. after a little food and shopping for souvenirs, we left miyajima. for dinner, we had some pretty good curry at an indian restaurant, and then swung back to the peace park one more time to get a look at the dome at night. the moon was full and it was a beautiful night. my camera is unfortunately very poor at taking night photos. this was the best it could manage:
dome moon

that was the end of day two in hiroshima. again, i'm lazy, and day three will come soon.

on a totally, completely unrelated note, the new Beck album is pretty good. i like it.

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