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but i'm being good otherwise!!

aside from some crazy jamie stewart-induced lust, i've been a pretty good girl this week:

1. Kelly and i got lesson planning done for the next month of elementary school. we even started doing the prep-work for the activities. take that grade schoolers!

2. i've worked out everyday this week so far. monday we went jogging, yesterday i took a bike ride, and today i'm going to play badminton! take that fatty bits!

3. i paid all my bills and did all my necessary errands. take that boring chores!

4. i did all my Japanese homework. take that japanese learnin'!

5. i'm so totally ready for the teachers' meeting tomorrow. take that crazy japanese ladies!

6. i emailed my town newspaper article out a day early. take that board of education!

and now this post is finished! TAKE THAT!

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