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engrish fills the hole in my soul where america once was

my collection of engrish is growing at a steady pace. i console myself by saying some of them are presents, which is true. but it's been one of those things where i'm going,"one for so-and-so, one for me, one for whatserface, one for me". people are gonna ask me what the hell is wrong with my wardrobe when i get back to the states. but when you find a shirt like this, how can you possibly resist?

dried herbs, mmm

and the back:
what's an Ochl?

i really have absolutely no idea what this shirt is trying to say. at all.

this one makes a little more sense...
going spirit!

as much as i love the cuteness of this one, i already know who it really belongs to. i think she'll know too when she sees it!

this one clearly goes to another sexy lady, though shiny gold is hard to photograph:
'sexy girl boundary!

sorry ladies and gentlemen, i'm too selfish to give this baby up. the front isn't THAT funny...
...but the back has not only some great nonsense, but the ever-popular L-R mispelling:
'make a rong history felt, baby!

and finally, i found a bag with a freudian mispelling to carry it all home:
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