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happy to me!

as you probably know, yesterday was my birthday. i hadn't really made any plans in particular, but Kelly had mentioned something about going out for dinner, so that's what i expected would happen. around 6:30 she called me to say she was ready to head out, come on downstairs. i put on my birthday shirt (the engrish one that says i'm in a mature period was too perfect, i waited til yesterday to wear it) and headed down...

only to find a surprise party!! and i was completely surprised! it worked great! hehehe. all my friends from around the area were there, and they had made me tacos and a birthday cake and everything. they also gave me plenty of alcohol to drink (on a bad!!). we took a bunch of pictures, and when i have a little more time, i'll upload and post some to show everyone because it was great fun. Kelly had apparently been planning this for a while...sneaky girl!

thanks to everyone for making my birthday in japan special. and thanks to all the internet folks at home who remembered and sent some love. you guys are the best. i'm so lucky to have such great friends!

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