Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

my turn to gush

so i promised nihilanththis boy i would tell make a reply for him, because really, he deserves it. i'm tired, so mine won't have pictures, but maybe you should use your imaginations.

i've loved him since i was 15 years old. and the only thing i wanted to do was take him into myself and hold him close. and after eight years of waiting to hear what i knew was there, i can't imagine anything that would be better. i look into those eyes i've always loved, and i know that there is such an abundance of love there that i can't possibly try to ignore it. i see a reality that grows out of that feeling, and i can't help but believe in it. because it's not only beautiful, but it feels right.

he says i've inspired him, but the things i like about msyelf stem from way back when he was influencing me. i'm a better person because of what he did for me even as a confused teenager. it makes me happy to think i may have done the same for him without knowing it. i know he likes me because i see the best in him, and i like what i see. it's a person who will never let me down. a person who will care for me no matter what. a person i can build a future with. and that's exciting and scary just as much as it is comforting and beautiful. and it simply makes me amazed.

no matter how much time we have to spend apart, i'll always be thinking of you. and i can't wait to show you what it's like to be here and connect with you again in a seemingly different world. i love you. and that's all there is to it. we are here to get up and go with it.

it was because of your birthday i found this all out. so on mine, i want to thank you for it. and i look forward to spending the next one with you.

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