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osaka trip post!

yesterday was my first trip to the city of osaka, and it was a day filled with all kinds of adventure, though little went as we had planned.

Kelly, Vinh and i headed into osaka around 9, so we got there around 10:30 or 11 in the morning. i rocked my new hat, checkered side out! we got breakfast at a delicious bakery with a zillion kinds of buns and rolls and sandwiches, and then because we came to see different exhibits, Kelly and i went one way and Vinh went another. he was off to see the snoopy exhibition, and while that sounded fun, we girls were heading for the museum of fine arts to see goya and valasquez paintings. it was the main reason kelly wanted to come to osaka.

we made some fun pitstops first though. kelly wanted to see if one of the big electronics stores could fix her camera (which naturally, they couldn't) but we ran into two things just on the way to do that. one, we ran into a lady handing out flyers for something with a pig hat on. i asked her if we could take a picture, and even though i just meant a picture with her, she put the pig hat on me!

pretty sexy, yeah? we also had to pass through a really nice women's clothing store to get in and out of the electronics store, and so on the way out, we ended up getting some ACTUALLY sexy attire. osaka is the shopping capital of japan, and we hadn't either of us had a ladies day out in a long time, being her previous neighbor was of the male persuasion. our first time rocking out fancy clothes shopping together was massively fun, and we managed to even find things that fit us on sale. i even found a skirt that fit me, miracle of miracles! after indulging in this slightly guilty pleasure, we got on the subway to go to the part of town where the art museum was...

...only to find that the museum is closed the day after a national holiday. monday was respect for the aged day, so there was no museum for us that day. Kelly and i are going to have to go back another time for it. we also tried going to a photo exhibit in the same area, but it turned out that it wouldn't be opening until Wed. lastly, we tried to go to the tenoji temple, and while it was open, the whole area was littered with people either setting up or taking things down from a festival, and so it wasn't worth visiting on that day. very frustrating. we decided we might try and go back on sunday to see the museum, since Kelly really really wanted to.

being pissed off at the tenoji area of osaka, we called vinh and asked where he was. he was in namba, which happened to be where there was an exhibition of Ushio Shinohara, or Gyu-chan.. he's a seventy-four year old Japanese neo-dadaist, and i saw an article about him in one of the area events magazines and was pretty interested by the pictures. his recent work involves automatic painting with boxing gloves:
so we headed to namba and went to that. Vinh had already seen it, so we didn't meet up with him for long. even though it was a pretty tiny show, it was cool, and Kelly really enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. along with the automatic boxing, there were large brightly colored installations and drawings. here are some other pictures of that:
gyu-chan wood

gyu-chan frogs

after we left the Gyu-chan exhibit, we people watched for a bit in the busy area near the plaza, and got some delicious cold macha tea. at a poster shop along the way we stopped to look at the Mucha prints, and the lady at the shop started talking to us, asking where we were from, how long we were going to be in Japan, how nice it was to have people here, etc. she was very very sweet, and we talked with her for a while. when she asked how long we were staying, i said i hadn't decided if it would be one year or two, and she was like, oh, of course, you'll be homesick and you want to get married and things like that. being the sweet lady she is, she then gave us some free posters of a japanese painter who painted western cities. she gave them to us and said "when you get homesick you can look at these. well, it's Rome, but you know..." implying "at least it's something western". Kelly and i really had to keep from laughing a bit, but it's the thought that counts, hehehe.

we then ventured out into the area for dinner, looking for an Indian restaurant Kelly had visited before. we couldn't find it though, and gave up, and started just walking back the direction we came, albeit on another street than we had originally walked down. as we were walking, an Indian man was handing out flyers for his restaurant, and we said, yes, we wanted some Indian food, so he brought us into the place and we got a table. best of all, they spoke English as well as Japanese (tri-lingual is impressive no matter what though), so we could order in english for the first time since i've been here. the food was perfect of course, and we ate up every bite. the indian men were also very pleased to tell us how beautiful we were, hehe.

when we left the restaurant, it was time to head home. Kelly snapped a nice shot of the road we were walking down, because it was less busy than she'd ever seen.

and then we headed to the station, got on the train and went back to fukusaki. while things didn't go exactly as planned, we had a great time, and i look forward to another trip to osaka.
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