Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

KDO this week

so, because of our trip to Osaka being a little longer than expected, i missed the first half of this week's Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. here is what i gathered from seeing the second half's action.

last week, neighbor lady thought she liked main guy. this week, it seems she was attempting to try and start something with him, but at the same time she was preparing to move out. things ended up not working out with neighbor lady and main guy because it finally occured to neighbor lady that it's doctor lady and main guy who should be hooking up. while at first she was sad and upset, she then decided to tell doctor lady to go for it and wished him and her the best. then, she proceded to move away. she's no longer neighbor lady!! ken the pug and main guy were very sad to part, but he made parting gifts for both neighbor lady and ken and it was very sweet.

meanwhile, inspired by neighbor lady's little speech about going for it with main guy, doctor lady confronts him, at first jokingly, saying he should make her a house, and he's all like, i'll build you the best house, and such. then she gets serious. "we've been playing baseball for a long time, and now i want to play catch. i've thrown the ball". so, our leading man now can't get this out of his head. he stays up all night and makes sketches, drawings, and models of the house he'll build her. the next day, he goes to see her and confesses that "maybe...i like you?" and she starts crying and being all "i like you too maybe". of course, after that, main guy says something stupid that sets her off about not getting married or something like that. it's a little thing that becomes a fight, and they part ways upset.

thankfully, later that night, he's got a chance to patch it up. they run into each other on the street, having bought groceries. seeing what she's bought, our main man asks her if she has the correct type of dish to cook the meal she wants to prepare. she says she doesn't, and he says that she does. she asks "are you inviting me over?" and he replies "well, if you insist". she comes back "i don't insist, but if you do, i'll go". and the boy gets it right saying, "then please come over. i insist."


end of episode. there was no preview of next week, so i guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens then.

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