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a new friend!

kelly and i were just talking today about how funny it is that while at home we're your run of the mill white girls, here in japan, we stand out as strange, almost exotic beings. no one can fail to notice us. this actually proved to be a possitive thing for once today.

kelly was going into himeji for japanese language classes today, and she was gonna hit up some subway sandwich (sando in japanese) action first. i had no plans for any kind of food in my own home, so i went along. kelly had to go to class at 7 and would be out again at 8:30, so i had some time to just chill out, walk around, etc. i hit up the grocery store of all things, and picked up some things not in my local store like tomato soup and a taco kit. after this, i still had about half and hour to kill, so i went to the building where her class was and just sat down in the common area where there are tables and chairs and waited.

after about 10 minutes, a japanese guy comes up to the table where i'm sitting and asks in pretty much perfect english if anyone is sitting here, and would i mind if he sat and talked with me for a while. he's trying to practice his english, and looking the way i do, he made the (correct) assumption that i'm a native speaker. i said sure, he introduced himself as Isamu, and we started just having a conversation. he was pretty surprised when he found i could also speak japanese, but since he had come over to speak english, that's what we did mostly (his japanese also had a very thick kansai accent that took me by surprise, so english was probably best). his english was already pretty good...he could use phrases like "fucking gay" and "it's a long story"...but it was nice to be approached by a japanese person for once instead of the other way around. of course, he'd spent some time in america, and he was a young guy with a less-than-typical japanese attitude, but still. he asked if he could have my email and maybe we could hang out some time in himeji, so i gave him my keitai email and i got his. i'm actually kind of excited about the prospect of having a new japanese friend, and i told kelly about it too, and she agrees that a new japanese friend is always welcome. we really don't have that many...i mean, coworkers don't really count. i can learn some serious kansai-ben from him too i hope, hehe.

so that was my exciting himeji adventure. looking like a crazy foreigner is alright now and again it seems.

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