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bad day, bad me

today was not the best of days.

i woke up way too late in the afternoon, of course with all of my skin hurting. i proceeded then to run quickly out of time before i had to pick up robin from the station and go with her and vinh to au to look for cell phones. forgot to tell the people online i was talking to that i was leaving, forgot to turn off my air conditioner. so far, not terrible, but the worst is yet to come.

got to the au store. had to wait for about 45 minutes to get helped. then, as the person with the best japanese in the lot, it's my job to help everyone figure out the cell phones and the plans they want. things finally get started on setting up our plans, when robin realizes she's forgotten her passport at home. because her gaijin card hasn't arrived yet, she has to have her passport in order to sign up for anything like cell phone service. the store would be closing in an hour, and she wants her phone today. i drive, but i have never been to robin's house, which is not in our town. she doesn't know the way from where we are to her house. still, we try to do it, and probably wasted more time than needed finding the way to her house. we get there, run in to get her passport, but on the way, i fell in a gaijin trap, aka, drainage ditch on the side of the road. bust up the OTHER big toe (the first one is still recovering from the nail getting ripped off by my shower door...long story), and scrape up one of my arms a bit. wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the sunburn. ouchie. anyway, rush back to the poor litttle japanese man waiting for us at the store. having changed her mind several times in the course of things, robin realizes all too late her phone doesn't have english menu options. neither does vinh's. ironically, mine does. still it's too late for them to change it today, they'll just have to go and pay the fee to change it if they want. still, i feel bad for not having explicitly asked on their behalf whether or not their choices had english options, as i'm the person doing most of the poor talking/poor translating. finally get everything worked out enough to call it a day, and take robin back to the station.

get home, get settled in with my new phone and play around a bit with it, when i realize what time it says...almost 10 pm. i was supposed to call and wake patrick up for school at 8pm my time! i'd written notes all over the house, but because i was out later than i expected to be, i forgot til way too late. i felt like the biggest asshole in the world, because now he's late for his first day of classes. i would be so angry at me if i were him...i'm pretty damn angry at myself. it's one of those guilty feelings where i know i fucked up and i feel so bad that i just can't shake it. jerk jerk jerk.

even though not that much happened, it feels like the worst day i've had since i've gotten here, and because i'm so far away from the person i want to make it up to, it's even more unbearable.

sorry for my bitching. but i'm feeling so bad right now, i don't know what else to do. sorry.

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