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All's fair...

I've been forced to wonder, for no other reason really than to give my mind something to think about, what is fair. I've found in the past that when something happens in someone's favor, they either feel it's just reward for their efforts or call it lucky, and if it is not in their favor, then "it's not fair". The opposing party will always tell them that it is perfectly fair, of course, if it is in their own favor. No one objects when something unfair happens to their benefit.

I then wonder about my own circumstances, and know that at times I've said that "it's just not fair". Yet, is that really true? I know I'm not at fault, but neither is the other party. Is it fair for me to say he or she is wrong because I don't get what I want? Subjectively, yes--I did all I could do and didn't get what I felt was the justified reward. Objectively, however, if I had been the other person, I would have thought the consequence perfectly fair. So which one of us is right? Neither, I suppose. Learning to accept that is very, VERY difficult.

Fairness is an illusion. Nothing in this world is really fair, it would seem. Nor is it unfair. Still, I seek to gain what I think I'm entitled to, when in actuality, that isn't fair either. Taking what I desire and "deserve", or even having it bestowed upon me through a stroke of luck, is a good feeling. Yet, someone else may find this unfair. What the hell am I supposed to do about that? As objective as I like to imagine I am, I cannot disregard my own feelings and desires, nor can I tolerate the idea of an existence where nothing ever goes my way. That's just not fair. Sometimes, this world makes very little sense. So, where's the fairness in that?

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