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Last ever mall update

today is my last day working at the crystal mall. i don't think anyone in the office realized this, because no one said anything, but they'll figure it out when i'm not here for the next couple of weeks and then they'll ask brandon where i am, hehe. on june 25th it would be exactly 4 years working here. had some good times, had some shit times, and now, it all comes to an end.

my last day of work at the casino gig is next monday. ironically, that's the day my one-year employment raise would begin, heh. at least at the casino they all know i'm going and are already expressing that they'll miss me. guess the mall folk just took me for granted, hehe.

july is going to spent preparing for depature in the day, partying at night. i've got so much to do, yet i actually feel like i have just the right amount of time to do it. getting in touch with my predecessor in Ichikawa is also definately helping me get a feel for what my job/life will be like in Japan. i'm super excited and more than a little nervous, but it feels like i'm really doing the right thing.

the trip to boston for the first JET orientation was also a huge success. met some of the other folks in the program, got lots of helpful information and handouts, and just had a generally good time. the most fun of course was with my friends after the meeting was over!! thank you all so much for being there was nice to have nearly all my closest friends in the same room enjoying each other's company and forcing you to listen to my mix cd, hehe. love love love to you all. next time we'll have to have brandon too though!

so, hoping to see you all sometime in july!

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