Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

future home prefecture announced!

i recieved my contracting organization from Tokyo today!! i will be living in Ichikawa-cho in Hyogo-ken. if you're a normal person, like me before today, i'm sure you have no idea where that is. well, let me illuminate a little.

this is where Hyogo is within Japan:

it's to the west of Kyoto and Osaka, and east of Hiroshima. the capital city is Kobe. here's a close up of the area:

as for the town of Ichikawa, the best idea of where it's located within the prefecture is the cutesy map the town's website had:

i've also learned this particular town has an exchange program with Port Townsend, Washington state. it's a small town it looks like, and that's exactly what i expected to get. being that it's in the Kansai area though, i'll be learning more Kansai-ben (dialect) rather than the Tokyo/Kanto-ben i've been taught in school. should be an adventure.

so yeah! Japan is that much closer now!

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