Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

was i saying "booo" or "booooo-ston"?

it was definately boooo-ston when it came to driving and parking. my first time navigating the city behind the wheel, i managed to survive soley on claudia's wise parallel parking counsel. if i had to do what she does with her car on a daily basis, my nerves would be shot to shit in no time.

everything else, of course, was as delightful as the feeling of falling asleep after hot sake and german wine and talking with friends. i must thank claudia and gerald for sharing their company and tasty drinks at all hours of the night.

mogwai was also quite good. i liked having the inverse experience to claudia's from the last trip i made. the way my heart swells at a mount errie concert, hers does at mogwai. i also haven't been to a concert that made my ears ring afterward in a damn long time. i was sad to find out sigur ros was in town at the same time and we couldn't see them both, but i suppose my ears can only handle so much in one night anyway.

seeing becky and dave before we left made me want to stay all night, though i'm sure their neighbors appreciated the volume change when i left. i just get so excitable!

i have such good times with such good friends in boston. makes me wish i didn't have to park there, because i would go more often. love and thanks to all, and especially to brandon for braving me driving there. i'm glad you came.

i'll be leaving the country from boston, so you folks have yet to see the last of me!

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