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i.s.f.d.? maybe. is he even still alive? i hope so!

it's been a while since i've plugged something i or one of my friends didn't make, but here goes.

if you haven't watched Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, you are missing out. and if you've only watched the first season, you're STILL missing out, because GitS:SAC Second Gig may be just about the best television show i've ever seen.

would you like reasons? i've got plenty. first of all, the whole arch of the series is superbly laid out. even episodes that at first seem like simple character exposition/backstory turn out to play a pretty vital role in the full movement of the storyline. you grow to love the characters without the series ever slowing down a beat.

the setting may be too early in the future in my opinion, but it's definately a possible future that has real depth and meaning to people watching it now, understanding the very true complexities it creates. like the matrix but more practical and much much smarter. the political intregue on top of that makes it even more engrossing as well as adding depth and plausiblity to the world they live in.

the technical aspects of the show are on par with the excellence of the writing and characterization. stunningly beautiful animation that's so good, you may actually forget you're watching an animated program from time to time. and with music by the one and only Yohko Kanno, you'll want to get the soundtrack after you're done watching the show.

if you thought the Ghost in the Shell movies were nice, but didn't really make much sense, fear not. the show is almost completely unrelated to the movies, and it does develop a beginning, middle and end each season. while i loved the first season, i couldn't rip myself away from second gig. a two day marathon was needed. many thanks to patrick for hosting me on both days to get through it.

if you like good anime, or just good television (which is all too rare these days), spend some time with Stand Alone Complex.

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