Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

having a good time with collages lately, but starting to think they need to go digital soon...adjusting things just a little at the pre-assembly level really, and cutting slightly cleaner lines are my reasoning. i can always do both, but there's this little fairy in my brain saying "traitor!" at the thought of it. i might have to just suck it up and swat that fairy though.

also considering a wacom tablet purchase. i feel like it would be worth the $450 for the 9x12. my parents have to give me an early b-day anyway if i go to Japan...thinking about asking for it from them sooner rather than later. even just having them each pitch in $100 would make it managable. i really really really want to start working in more digital mediums alongside the analog, because that's the "future" of the thing. really, i just want the cleanest lines and the power to adjust images without the constraints of the "real" picture.

we'll see, we'll see. work starts tonight/tomorrow on my first digital collage attempt.

in the meantime, the ol' paper cut out technique looks good on my Christian Louboutin Dodge Intrepid platform heels.

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