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mixin' business with pleasure

my JET interview was on thurs. at 2:40pm at the Consolate General of Japan in Boston.

so, b and i took off tues/wed to boogie down in boston with our friends before i headed over to my interview on thurs. many thanks again go to claudia and gerald for hosting us in their lovely abode. we ate delicious food and had fun times staying up late and talking and sometime attempting to climb trees. we also got to see dave and becky on wed night, because it's mandatory to see us when we are in town.

thursday finally rolls around and i went to the consolate for my interview. thanks go to all who wished me good thoughts, it helped! even managed to get there via the T without any problems. they tripped me up a little with one question (what 3 things would i carry with me to introduce myself and america? later i figured it, but it was just something my mind blanked on at the time), but otherwise i think the interview went quite well. now i just have to wait til april to hear from them...

it was fun and educational! what more can you ask from a "business" trip? back to work today, oh well...thanks again to everyone who helped make the awesomeness happen.

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