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The greatest boyfriend in the world...

No, ladies, you can't have him. You guys can't either. This one is all mine, and I lay full claim.

I recieved a package last night. It was from Eddie, who will be away for the next week and a half or so. In it was a very sweet card, Godiva chocolates, a scented candle, some Airhead candies, and two tickets to see RENT in New York. Yes, I said RENT. Yes, that show I've wanted to see since, well, I can't remember when. We're going. A big "ha ha ha" to all the people who teased me because they saw it before I did. I get to go with my wonderful, sweet, good-looking boyfriend. Top that! Okay, ranting aside, hehe...

It isn't actually the gifts themselves that matter. More amazing than having tickets to RENT is the fact that I have someone in my life who wanted to surprise me with them. It's a fantastic feeling. I'm more happy about that than anything else.

Thanks, Eddie, and not just for the tickets. ^_^

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