Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

strange workings

so i'm doing my one day a week at the mall today, and i get a call from a store in new york that has a customer buying sound equipment with 30 simon gift cards they apparently got through cashing in points at mohegan sun, authorized by joe devito. the store wants to make sure these cards are really this customers. i know the mal really doesn't have any way to prove that, we do big orders for mohegan sun all the time, and these cards were issued in may. i make sure by calling the marketing assistant, and yeah, give mohegan sun a call is the answer.

it just happens that i know who joe devito is, and i happen to work in the dept. that can best get in touch with him. so i call my shift manager, who is surprised to hear from me on my day off, and ask her to put me in touch with joe. joe confirms these cards are indeed for one robert miller, and i call the store in ny back and let them know both the mall and the casino think the cards probably do belong to that guy.

i would have felt SO BAD if anyone else had been here and had to deal with that call. it took me just a couple minutes, but no one else at the mall could have done it after business hours with any ease.

so, brandon, it's your lucky day ^_~

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