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thank you to all the birthday well wishers! i did indeed have a good birthday. visited patrick and zaf for a while and worked with some pastels they'd bought in boston that blend like eyeshadow. soft and glittery. then, went out for japanese hibachi with my parents and the illustrious tara barnum. got a scanner/printer/copier from mum and dad as a gift, so now i'll be able to upload art with much more ease once we get it all set up here at home.

after dinner and cake, i went with brandon to see Corpse Bride with the two free tickets work gave me for my birthday. this was also a wonderful part of the day, we both enjoyed it a lot. the best was still to come though!

so i got home and finally sat down at the computer for a bit, where i read everyone's happy birthday wishes and was content that my day of good tidings was drawing to a close. BUT THEN, THERE WAS A KNOCK AT THE DOOR....

Who could it be? I'd no i opened the door to find none other than DAVE "i'm so cool that i have to live far away" McVEY!!! that sneaky brandon had never said a word about it! what a birthday surprise it was!!! naturally, we all stayed up til 3am or so talking and having fun.

23 has been welcomed in with some style, i'd say. xoxoxox to all.

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