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I.S.F.D. Vol. 6

i can't recall if we made you watch it yet, but The Corporation is now out on DVD. While there are many films that have changed my life in one way or another, this one actually changed my lifestyle, and it's the reason we only drink organic milk and try our best to get everything else organic too. it's also nice because not only does it give you an understanding of corporations' origins and their ill-effects, the third part goes into how people have and can continue to take ground back for themselves and away from corporations of which they don't approve. The director has a real flare for presenting images to correlate the facts they are presenting, and while it is lengthy, it's also extremely well done. i'll probably be buying a copy of it sooner or later, and you can netflix it too, if you'd like to show it to Becky, who i think would also appreciate it.

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