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i just have to take the month of sept. off and go stay up in boston. that's where all the shows are. now i found out that sufjan stevens will be up there playing with laura viers on the 8th, which thankfully is already one of my scheduled days off. but getting time off for xiu xiu, sigur ros/scanner darkly, deerhoof and my AEON meeting might be tricky. guess we'll just have to see what i can do.

and then, mount eerie and devendra banhart in oct. oh lord, i want them all!

i am declaring open invites to anyone who wants to send art to phil elverum and karl blau, as i will be in the process of putting art packages together for them, as well as long overdue ones for our friends like poopbot. seriously people, there's a lot of work done, but there is still more to do!


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