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i saw Howl's Moving Castle yesterday in New Haven (i can hardly believe i only had to go that far to find a Miyazaki movie showing here in CT, heh). It was definately worth seeing, though it was one of his cute movies rather than one of the more "serious" films. he makes tier one and tier two movies, and this was a tier two. still sweetly touching and beautiful, without a doubt. and even though it was a dub, i didn't mind so much because the title character was voiced by good ol' Christian Bale. he's both of the sexiest leading men this movie season it seems. of course, i have a thing for girly magic boys like i have a thing for beards, so i'm biased as usual. but i'm still looking forward to being able to hear the original Japanese of course, as dubs, no matter how good, seldom do full justice. but it was worth going to more than once i'd say. the theater was really nice, and easy to find. there's even a parking garage right across the street, which meant we didn't have to stuggle to find a spot. if anyone else wanted to go, i'd be more than happy to drive over and go again. after all, i'm a sucker for a sweet Miyazaki movie.

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