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31 May 2005 @ 05:30 pm
Interesting Stuff for Dave, vol. 1  
finally, the first post of the series i promised to start for my good friend Dave. of course, if you're not Dave, you're free to read what i have written, but i make no promises that it will entertain you. these are made specifically for Dave, and are an attempt to tell him about things he might like/be interested in based on my own knowledge of what he knows and likes. i may even be repeating things he's already heard, who knows. still, i hope you enjoy it Dave, and anyone else who might want to look.

i confered with Brandon, and he doesn't recall telling you about this, so here goes. first off, there's the writer HC. that's all the name he ever uses, and it's a clear allusion to the Illuminati books of Robert Anton Wilson (where it is said one should never trust a man with the initials HC). HC wrote a little book called MFU (Most Fucked Up Tells All), which is a kind of prose/poetry journal of the life of the MFU. this book had a strong influence on Brandon's own work/alternate reality persona, sponsoredby . if you haven't read any sponsoredby yet, you should take a look. he's been pretty quiet since a little before we got to know you, but he may come back at any time. anyway, HC also has his own "news" site, Acid Round the Clock. the headlines read such as:

World Named 8th Wonder of the World; Cosmos Named 9th

Reagan Declared President for Life; Will Govern Weekend-At- Bernie's-style.

Scwarzeneggar Blamed For World Steroid Shortage II; Head Now Bigger Than 3 Watermelons

"Weekend At Cheney's" Voted #1 Film of All Time; "Weekend At Cheney's II" Runner Up

Phillip Glass Sues Self (Again) Over Stealing Own Idea(s) Again (Again)

while these are just funny, as are many of the articles he writes, some are also brilliant, beautiful and frightening. i'd suggest starting off by reading the archives for the month of feb. because those are all particularly nice pieces that i really enjoyed. "Reality TV" and the "On the Road Again" series are really great, for example. have fun with it though, and see how you like it.

with your own style of prose poetry emerging and blooming, you might be interested to see what HC has done...it's not as far out as Joyce, but it has an almost Burroghs-esque quality to it. i hope you've found something interesting in this first issue of "interesting stuff for Dave". xoxoxoxo.
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the purple turtle queensurreal_rebirth on June 2nd, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
hi mepk! this is jessi from high school. sorry to hear about your grandfather. i know this is pretty random but since you're the one who introduced me to RENT i wanted to make sure you knew about it...i found a trailer online for the movie that's coming out in november here. hope all is well :)