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Bret Lunsford is the nicest man in the world

i don't know if anyone was paying attention, but i posted a while ago about my Knw-Yr-Own order being cancelled. well, the next day, Bret Lunsford sent me an email saying he was sorry to cancel my order, but they were moving and were unable to fill mail orders, and that if i wanted to place the order again, he would be happy to send it with a bonus.

now, when i got my money back from that order being cancelled, i used it to buy a gift for a friend almost right away. i told Bret as much, but that as soon as i got more money, i'd love to place another K-Y-O order. just two days ago i did in fact order another cd from them, though a different one than the three D+ CDs i had originally ordered.

so today, when a package came from Knw-Yr-Own, i was surprised it came so fast. but when i opened the package, instead of the other CD i'd ordered, there were the three D+ albums! inside was a note from Bret saying to just send him a check for $30 when i could. he also sent some ADORABLE old mini-posters of D+.

dplus poster
sorry about the glare, i couldn't get one without it.

here's a close-up of my favorite part.

i have to send him a nice package with that check to say thank you. so sweet. small record companies make my heart go pitter patter, and now i know knw-yr-own loves me! yet another reason to move to anacortes...

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