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Well, it's all been done, from the pomp and circumstance to the partying til dawn. I have a little, and I do mean little, piece of paper that says I'm all set.

I've finished everything on my plate. I can now leave the table.

In the past 48 hours, there has only been one moment where it seemed like things were ending, and that was talking with my friend Tony. We talked in the terms you write yearbook messages in, but because we were actually talking about things...the future, what we're seemed over. He said he'll miss me, and I told him that I'll miss him. And it felt like it was one of the last, though hopefully not the very last, time I will see him. He's the only person I got that feeling with. Many people are going further away, but somehow, he is the only person I fully realized was going away. It hasn't sunk in yet, however, that this was everyone's farewell party, not just Tony's.

I'm not overwhelmingly happy or sad that it's over. It's just over. I don't think the things I miss will actually hit me until I've had the chance to miss them.

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