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"I wanted to make the two-dimensional three-dimensional..."

Well, it's late at night, and I've been left to my own devices again. You can assume I've become analytical, and you wouldn't be wrong.

I've used my new DVD player to watch "Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2". I watched the scenes with Yousho in them twice: once with subtitles, once without. Yousho, it goes practically without saying, is played by Koyasu Takehito. I listened to the scenes, absolutely enthralled with the voice. And afterward, I got to wondering why I'm so obsessed with the man. The voice, rather. I guess it's because Koyasu Takehito has actually played a large step in helping me with the direction of my life, and the sound of his voice is really what started it.

When I first heard Koyasu Takehito, it was as the singer of Hotohori's character vocals for Fushigi Yuugi (I'd seen the show dubbed up to that point...these were in the days I didn't realize the difference...Koyasu helped with that too.) Prior to hearing the song "Boku no Uuchu wa Kimi ga Iru", I more than likely would have objected to the song being in Japanese, being that I couldn't understand it. Yet, hearing that man sing in Japanese, it was hard for me to think of something that sounded more beautiful. He had a voice I could become completely lost in. Hearing that was the first thing that made me truly want to speak Japanese. I realized not only how beautiful the voice was, but listened to how gorgeous the language was too.

Naturally, I wanted to learn a little more about the man with "the voice of God," as I sometimes call it, jokingly. I'd always liked the idea of voice acting, even if it initially had been the idea of being a Disney character. In an interview with him I read, he gave the quote that has become the subject line of this post. That's exactly the kind of thing I've wanted to do as an actress. I couldn't help but think how divinely wonderful it would be to do so in Japanese. Suddenly, I stopped looking at colleges that didn't offer Japanese courses...

The more I learn this language, slow as my progress is now, the more I love it. It feels right for me to be speaking it, more right than Spanish, Klingon, sometimes even English. I know I have a long way to go. But there is a reason I started this process, and Koyasu Takehito's voice has been there since the beginning. Each time I hear it, it sounds just as amazing, and keeps reminding me, somewhere in the back of my head, why I want to study it.

It's funny, the way little things will actually change your life. And Koyasu Takehito is one of those things. Forgive me if my obsession becomes overwhelming at times, but there are some things that I just can't help. And look to the bright side: at least it has moved me in a positive direction.

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