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They say it springs eternal...there's probably a reason

So many people say they hate hope. I can see the logic behind that arguement. Why bother to hope if one is only to be let down? Yet, I think that's why hope exists, to make up for getting let down. If there wasn't any hope, every let down would be devistating, and there would be no way out of the pit. Instead, hope acts as a cushion. Yes, live is still depressing and hard, but a little hope can shed a little light on the most dreary of times.

Hope can raise my spirits just enough sometimes to keep going. Yes, I didn't get the part I wanted this time, but hopefully, when the next audition comes around, I'll have had enough vocal work to do better. I may have had to do homework today, but I hope to go out with my friends the night after. Even though we broke up, my ex-boyfriend and I hopefully learned enough to make our next relationships more successful. It not only makes the current situation a little less painful, it motivates you to strive for what you want in the future. Without hope, what could you possibly desire to do? Hope may take it's part in composing our disappointments and nightmares, but it is also what defines our desires and dreams.

I'm a hopeful person. I have my distress and my despair, the same as any other member of our wreched species. Yet, when that little bit of hope I almost gave up on starts to crawl back, I can't help but welcome it. It makes me concede to going on, and sometimes, even makes it worth while. Hope doesn't always pay off, but it tries to make things easier for us. I hope you understand.

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