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And you thought "Power Rangers" had a bad theme song...

It can't possibly come close to the terror that is the opening theme of "The Big O", a show which, otherwise, I have only positive things to say. It consists of crazy, psychodelic swirling colors, black silhouettes of things like the main character, the mech (The Big O), and the main character's car. Meanwhile, the chant in the back is "Big O..Big O Big O Big O...Big O". It's so bad, you can't help but laugh.

The reason the theme is so bad must be due to the fact the rest of the show went over budget, because it's so well done. The animation is slick, stylish, and dark. If you were to combine "Batman Beyond" with "Neon Genesis Evangelion", you'd get "The Big O"'s style.
The end theme, despite Pat Brad and my sister's objections, is quite nice. It's got a very intersting plot line too. In some ways, it reminds me again of Batman, Eva, and a little Dark City (A movie I highly recommend if you haven't seen it yet).

Apparently, this show has run on Cartoon Network in English. I picked up the fansubs from work. Whichever way you see it, I have to recommend it. Then you'll understand:

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