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first post of the new year (not much to say)

random data update. nothing vastly important.

not-so-good news:
yesterday was cursed for driving. my sister and i both got into our first(and thankfully, very minor) car accidents, and both of the other two people i rode in a car with nearly hit deer (in very different locations). it was a lousy day except towards the very end (but the end really made up for it, i'd say).

my grandfather's in the nursing home now, wavering back and forth between himself and not-himself. very depressing. and it's killing my grandmother with worry. also, very depressing. makes me hope my own death will be quick.

better/good news:

recieved the most AWESOME book from Brandon as a late x-mas gift: Brion Gysin Tuning in to the Multimedia Age. i love Brion Gysin ever so, and while some of the articles in the book are better than others, the high quality pictures of his different works are the real meat that i'm munching away on. my style is very similar to his, and looking at and reading his work helps my own creativity. sometime soon maybe i'll post pics of my own stuff, working mostly with automatic writing and drawing. Brandon's own creative output is also inspiring, but we have almost nothing in common when it comes to the style of our work, which i love about it. this makes me feel like everyone should work with automatic writing/drawing, because the results come out so different from person to person. i'm still finding my artistic legs, so to speak, but i really think i've been growing little by little. it's a good time.

i've almost finished the first season of Arrested Development, by which i've been captured most drastically. i can't believe this show is on fox, it's so well structured and written and acted...and damn funny for a "sitcom". highly recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it or has only seen a few episodes, perhaps.

going to the guitar store monday to get new strings for my bass (one got broken in our attempt to accurately tune it) and an amp for it. Brandon will also be investing in an instrument of his own with any luck. music shall no longer be a field i only appreciate...i shall enter it, kicking and screaming if need be.

that's about all. see why i don't post much? i babble when there's nothing to say, and stay quiet most of the time lately because i know it. still, it's a new year, and i want to prove i'm alive.
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