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06 November 2004 @ 10:42 am
rant two: the work rant  
i love it when customers tell me to stop talking so they can complain more about the thing they want me to help them with, and ask me questions that, had they let me finish, would have been answered for them. just by listening. it's not like i'm asking them to look it up in a book or something HARD.

and they treat me like i'm the one being rude to them.

customer: "can you let me talk here?"

no. because, you see, you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, and it wastes both my time and YOUR EVER SO PRECIOUS SHOPPING TIME to listen to you bitch. do you not realize it's my job to know what your stupid problem is, so that i know how to answer your questions? i do it to pay my bills. i'm not being unfriendly, i'm just trying to do my job and help you if you'd let me. and i'm still using a polite tone of voice and a smile, so why are you so offended?

People need lessons in adult manners and common courtesy before they should be allowed out of the house. a couple doses of brain power probably wouldn't hurt either.

**despite all my complaining this morning, i'm really not in a bad mood. i'm just really into expressing whatever frustrations float by because i'm tired. i babble when i'm tired, but it keeps me going.**
Mood: amazed at stupidity