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Acting stupid

I don't get it. How did I, an 18 year old girl, manage to become type-cast in nearly everything I do as a middle-aged grump or hag? Do I look that old? Hell, I barely look 18, let alone 55. Is it so much to ask just ONCE to be a ditzy blonde? I don't care if it isn't a "rewarding character", at least it's something fun and different! I can do it, really I can. But no, we SPRAY MY HAIR GRAY AND MAKE ME OLD! Maybe if I could sing I'd get better parts in musicals, but that still doesn't explain straight plays. Ugh, go figure. Some things just piss me off.

On another note, things are going a little better for me personally. After venting my frustrations about being lonely, a lot of people have said things to me that have really made me feel better. It helps because I know they really mean it, and I again thank you all (you know who you are). I'm glad to have friends who both kick me in the ass to wake me up and then help me get back up again. So, even though I'm still lonely, I'm slowly making my way to being a bit more comfortable with myself. We'll see if Mary Ellen and I can finally learn to get along for a while.

I'd also like to wish Rob good luck tomorrow/today with his CS competition. Get your kill on, boss, get your kill on. ^_~

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