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Lashes3305: today we learned how to fit a curve to three points, using linear equations. it's simple, but it's a new, more useful method. anyway, he was telling us that this is what they do at pixar. they have a set of points on the character's body, and they can move and adjust those points, but there's a curve fit that goes to smooth the area between the points, so the character doesn't look jagged.
CraziCreek: I learned that while the written language of Korean is based off Chinese writing systems, the spoken language (which, naturally, developed first) is closer to Finish and Hungarian than Chinese, but their grammar is like that of the Japanese
CraziCreek: So wow, we both learned neat stuff!
CraziCreek: and then shared!
CraziCreek: What a great world it is!
Lashes3305: lol
Lashes3305: it is!

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