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Ellen Kennedy, M.Div

Today, I attended my mom's graduation from Andover Newton Theological School, where she has recieved her Masters of Divinity. Mind you, she's not a priest until the Episcopal church has her ordained, but she's done all thw work to be one, and basically is now, a preist.

I have to say, I'm proud of her. Most of the time, my mom and I have a relationship that borders from love to hate. She and I see things very differently, and sometimes, her closed-mindedness (is that a word?) really gets to me. Still, she's worked for seven years, never having gone to college before, and still working at the church and taking care of stuff around the house, and now, she's finished. This is probably the only time I'll say that I'm really proud of my mom, but I am. She made it all the way to the end, despite the numerous times she's wanted to quit (not that I didn't encourage her to do so, hehe). She's got her degree.

I'm running really short on time right now. I missed an AP test to go see my mom graduate, as well as now being pressed for time in writing my NHS speech and doing an anatomy take-home test, as well as working on part of my present for Malinda's birthday on Thursday. I'd also like to see my boyfriend Eddie once or twice before he goes away on a road trip for two weeks. Still, I'm happy for my mom, and I know it meant a lot for her that I was there. In the end, I guess it was worth it. Now, as for my own graduation, still a little work left to do until I get there...

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