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The Movie of the Moment...

So, I did finally manage to see Fahrenheit 9/11. I was pleasantly surprised in that it was not the film I was afraid it would be. I think Bibble's review is accurate, albeit totally different from what I would have written.

Was it the whole and unbiased truth? Of course not. But then again, if Bruckheimer can claim he's telling the TRUE story of King Arthur, the idea of truth is clearly more ridiculous than even I had imagined. The best parts of the film are all the pieces of news footage and interviews that Moore had nothing to do with, and what is his opinion is clearly demonstrated as HIS OPINION. I never felt like that opinion was being shoved down my throat either, and it didn't make me want to vote for Kerry, that's for sure.

There's one scene where two old women are talking about how upset they are about the course of events of the last few years. "We've been duped," one of them says. Really, that's the only point this film wants to make. We've been duped. Be it from the slanted media coverage or just the changing of this administrations' story time and time again, most Americans were duped. A lot of us already knew this, as we have been POORLY duped. That was what I was saying to my family and they wouldn't believe me. They didn't care about politics, they said, so I shouldn't try to argue with them. In that regard, they simply cannot comprehend what my "problem" is...why do I get so upset about Bush and the war? They can't understand it. I'm going to take them to this film, so, if nothing else, they understand me better. And then, if they want to argue with me, they'll hopefully realize they need to be informed to do so. I don't care if they find information to counter this...the point is, I want them to have a least a desire to get information for themselves. If there is one thing I learned in the last few years it's that information will not be taught to you, you must go out and find it. It holds true particularly for those of us who have lived through the twentieth and into the twenty-first century, now that it's become so easy to be duped.

But don't be duped by me, either. Go see the goddamn movie yourself and form your own opinion. And share whatever information you've gathered regarding it, with the point or counter to it. I hope if Michael Moore's "anti-celebrity" does anything, it's not to get people to agree with him, but to learn to care about information.

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