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06 May 2004 @ 12:01 pm
Look outside, it's summertime...  
When I look out my window, all I see is a field of green leaves. I love this tree. Even though my room next year is going to be larger and have a full window seat instead of the half one I have now, I'm going to really miss this tree right outside my window. It's been very kind to me all through the year, and I wish I could move it to the other side of the building and keep it as my own. Oh well, I suppose it's only fair to share.
Mood: summery
Music: David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise
Mandafee_b on May 8th, 2004 05:34 pm (UTC)
What dorm are you living in? I will be close! Park!
and what room number or floor?
Mellenabsentmammoth on May 8th, 2004 09:38 pm (UTC)
Lambdin 524...I almost lived in Park, but I got one of the last two spots in Lambdin. Closeness is awesome!! YEAH!
Mandafee_b on May 9th, 2004 03:46 pm (UTC)
oh boy! good deal. I hope i live high up.