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To be or not to be in ninety mintues...

That's the question. The answer is no. Nor should an audience laugh during the final death scenes. Rosencranz and Guildenstern should aslo stay in the play, and Hamlet should have 1,443 lines. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the show I saw today, at which the these things did indeed take place.

I hate the dumbing down of Shakespeare. With a passion. In my opinion, Hamlet is the greatest play ever written, no joke. This wasn't a masacre, mind you, but it was watered down, weak Shakespeare. Granted, it could have been also could have been a lot better.

Still, I've had a really good day. I, to some extent, enjoyed the play, the weather was beautiful, the ride up wasn't awful by any mean, and I had a lot of fun afterward too ^_^. Remind me sometime to learn how to give the poor boy directions. I'm so stupid sometimes.

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