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Crash, bang, boom...

My computer crashed this's been very upsetting...

The only thing good that has come of it is the fact that my family now realizes I need a new computer, all my own. Of the 6 discs of needed and wanted material, 5.5 of them contained my stuff. Still, they don't seem to understand that it's the sooner the better. They're talking August. HELLO! Computer that I'm paying for and I can't have it until August? Where the hell did that logic come from. I'm almost ready to give up at this's so frustrating.

Forgive me if I'm irritable. And also, a great deal of thanks goes out to Michael. Without his knowledge and patience, we never would have made it this far. And thanks also to Malinda, who doesn't mind coming over while he works on it. You guys kick ass.

I'm gonna go pout now, cuz that's what I really do best, heh.

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