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Because Akira is not an English name...

Brandon wanted to watch AKIRA last night, and I said sure, if at last I could finally see it in the Japanese. He agreed, and for the first time, I got to see the full effect of this movie.

Seriously, if you've never seen AKIRA in the original Japanese language, you're totally missing out on how good the film can be. Everything just makes so much more sense when you see it the way you were supposed to have seen it, the way it was made to be. These characters were never meant to speak or think in English. Japanese is synched up with their faces and feelings, and it doesn't transmit half as well in the English language (Of course, you are allowed to keep the subtitles on ^_~).

After years of seeing it dubbed, much to my dismay even then, I can't recommend going back to this film and watching it in the Japanese language enough. This isn't some otaku or Japanese training "elitism" by any means. This is just a matter of fact. The movie was made in Japanese. It was made originally for a Japanese audience. That it has been translated and dubbed twice speaks of how much an English-speaking audience sees in this film, but it's still got the handicap of translation built into it, both in meaning and visual presentation.

Go ahead and see if you don't like it a little better than when you saw it in English.

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