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He ate my sandwich!!

Today, eating lunch in the arboritum with a friend, a dog came and ATE MY SANDWICH. Sure, it's kinda funny, but still. If he gets sick, no one can blame me.

Yet, I should have known the minute we decided lunch would be outside, it would get cloudy. Still, it was really nice. I hope he had as much fun as I did. And, just so he doesn't forget, I pick up the bill next time we eat. Let's hope no dogs eat his Chinese or whatever it may be. Food choice would be up to Brian's friend, after all ^_^

Work was amazingly busy for a Monday. The saddest thing about all the work is missing all the beautiful weather. It's been so nice out, and I haven't had the ability to enjoy much of it. Well, I have Wed. off, let's cross our fingers and hope it's a nice day.

Side note: Soon, my family will be sending a package off to Ryoko. If anyone has letters or gifts they want to send too, we'll save on shipping costs and send it all together.

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