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18 January 2004 @ 04:27 pm
I don't think the address actually exists...  
Alright, I sent that email, but I'm sure I'll get it sent back to me sooner or later. I can hope they write back, but at the same time, I'll feel silly if someone does.

I do hope you all realize whose email address would have been given to me in a dream, right?

It'd be sweet if he did write back, but I doubt it.
Mood: bleh
Azure Jane Lunaticazurelunatic on January 18th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)

I just ran into an ex in a dream. I really should e-mail her.
just johnjustjohn on January 18th, 2004 10:17 pm (UTC)
Go for it
I think an "I got this email address in a dream" email wouldn't be flamed, no matter who got it.
That bitter, angry fuckhead from the futurehalopro on January 18th, 2004 11:11 pm (UTC)
Skinny, British, mismatched eyes?
Mellenabsentmammoth on January 18th, 2004 11:27 pm (UTC)
You know it all too well.

But like I said, it apparently doesn't exist. Oh well.