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Mixed messages...

Today was, on the whole, I suppose, a pretty good day. I worked for 10 hours of it, and at times, it was tiring, others fun, stressful for some time, boring others...a typical day.

I got into a mini-fight with my mother about my spending time out at nights. And then, she let me go buy the prom dress my friends and I had picked out two nights ago. Not to copy a friend's post, but I really do feel like Cinderella in this thing...light blue and princess style with no straps. But apparently, I'm grounded for the week, with the exception of work.

A new friend came over today. I feel like I must have bored him to tears, yet, I enjoyed talking to him. He's a really nice guy...I just hope he doesn't decide I'm as dull as a dead dog.

I'm very happy for another friend. It seems everything is going right for him, and he deserves it, more than anyone I know. But I can't help but be jealous at times, and then I feel guilty on top of that.

It's been a day of mixed messages. Positive signals crossing over with negative counter-balances. Very interesting. I think in the end, I'm leaning towards...satisfied. Life is interesting, if nothing else.

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