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SOC (Save Our Computer)!

Help!! Everyone available to help!!

I send this distress call on behalf of Brandon, whose computer decided to act up and break itself while he was gone for a mere 15 minutes. If you're awake and have any computer help to offer, IM me and I'll talk to him via telephone.

Here's what's happening:
Brandon installed a new hard drive and video card this evening. He rebooted, and everything was fine. Windows and all that shit. He then took me home. When he came back, his screen said there was some sort of "boot fail" message. On rebooting, no improvement, it didn't seem to be able to read his old drive any longer. He took out the new drive, but now it's reading his only hard drive as "primary slave", and won't boot because it can't seem to understand it's the master.

This is urgent, as Brandon NEEDS his computer, and I know many of you out there need him, in some way. Please help us if you can.

Mary Ellen

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