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The Joys of X-mas...

I got a broken ass for Christmas.

No, seriously, a day or so before Christmas, I slipped and fell HARD on a flight of stairs and got the biggest, most painful bruise I've ever seen, let alone had. It makes other people sick to look upon it. Not to mention it is on my ass, so it hurts even to sit down.

That's nothing comparatively, though. My grandmother, the one with Parkinson's and cancer, also fell and broke what's left of herself for Christmas, so now my mom has to take care of her until she finds a nursing home. My poor mom is trying to explain to her mother that she can't live alone in her home anymore, and that my mother can't take care of her full time. The only way there will be enough money to take care of her until she dies is to sell her home in Staten Island. She thinks she can still take care of herself, but the woman literally can't lift a blanket off her own shoulders or drink a cup of tea without someone getting her a straw. She's mentally competent, but not in touch with reality. My mom is having a hell of a time with this. She's always said, if she ever gets like this, to simply float her out to sea on an iceberg. I can see why. I'd want to die if I ever got that way, too. It's really sad. It doesn't help that my grandmother, who simply will not leave her house, is practically a stranger to my sister and me. Everytime she opens her mouth to talk to us, she ends up being insulting or belittling without really knowing it. We've only seen her maybe 12 or so times in our lives. She doesn't know us, we don't know her. All we've seen is her getting sicker and sicker, and things getting harder and harder on our own mom.

I did get some really nice things, though, so I can't really complain about that. We're at the point where my sister and I are old enough that we just go shopping with our parents, say what things we need/want, they get them and then wrap them up for Christmas. Or we buy something (within reason) and they just pay us back. Got a futon cover for my futon at school, new socks (which I needed desperately), stuff of that sort.

Brandon was really sweet and got me both Bowling for Columbine, one of those films everyone should have, and a Tom Robbins book I didn't have yet, Another Roadside Attraction, which I'll probably be diving into tonight. The Bibble not only got me hooked on Robbins, but he continues to fee the addiction, which makes me happy. I got him a gift we can both share as well, as anyone who reads his journal already knows ^_^.

It's been a lousy time, between home troubles and working at the mall throughout the season, but I'm looking forward to the relaxing times I hope to have with my friends over the rest of my winter break.

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