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11 April 2001 @ 10:59 pm
Toki ni Ai wa...  
I'm also very happy with my winamp today ^_^. It's playing a great selection all by itself on shuffle. That's a good winamp ::pats monitor::

Okay, yeah, that was random...but so am I, occasionally.
Mood: pleasedpleased
Music: Okui Masami - Toki Ni Ai Wa
Mr. Wham Bam Boogiebbumblebee on April 11th, 2001 09:02 pm (UTC)
You know days where things go right are the days you want to keep in your heart. As random as our music can be played our lives are the same way. MEPK stay happy for as long as you can. I would like to apologize for being a jerk before and I wish that in my heart you can forgive me some day. Until then smile every chance you get, and dont forget that I will always be there for you when you need someone.
char-ka  : shock_rawhavva on April 24th, 2001 04:44 pm (UTC)
take pride in randomness!

i have something like 1376 songs on my winamp list-- and always set it to random. there's something haunting about how appropriately the randomness of the list can be completely appropriate.