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A sudden rash of release...

My body has become ridiculously good at channeling stress away from my brain and out of the body. Unlike a lot of people, I don't have a stress build up in my back or shoulders so much. I'm glad of this. Not only is it difficult to remove yourself, it's not far enough away. That stress in the back goes right back up the spine to the brain, I think.

Instead, my body releases stress through the skin. Although it's not a pretty sight to look at sometimes, as long as I keep my body temperature cool, it really helps. Eczema, my skin disease, is scientifically proven to be stress sensitive, so it gets worse when I have a high level of stress. However, by putting this through my skin, I'm able to release it, and keep my brain clearer. I'm still affected by high stress, but my body is doing its damnedest to try and help keep my mind intact. It works so well at times, though, that high stress sets EVERYTHING off.

Right now, I've got finals, work at the mall with insane holiday shoppers, my own shopping to do, and a myriad of other things that aren't worth mention here, but do actually affect me.

My body pulled out all the stops. I've got an eczema breakout, zits, cold sores on my tongue and upper lip (that one is nasty!), and my period (added stress-reliever bonus!).

I look a mess. But my mind is surprisingly clear, and when I need to write or study, I can focus without too much trouble.

I used to think my body hated me. Turns out, it's just really really really tough love.

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