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Damn you, Bibble! All insightful and shit...

Am I taking Japanese for the wrong reasons? I really think it's a beautiful language, and I like being able to speak it with my friends in the class, but I'm not by any means great at conversational Japanese when I'm not immersed for long periods of time.

It's not the speaking I's the decoding. Not the translation. That's different. It's the brain choices, the patterns of use that come about because of the way in which they are deduced. Wow. That's why I do get so excited when I understand a Kanji pattern in a new way or translate something I've come across.

I'd once thought learning Japanese was just a hobby. I'd never excel at it, but I liked knowing some of it. Now I realize it's a different kind of means to an end. I didn't take Japanese to understand Japanese, but to better understand the Japanese.

You got me, boy. Thanks.
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