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And now for something horrific...

The doctors and nurses in these clinics are fighting AIDS, rape, sexually transmitted diseases and genital mutilation of girls, and instead of being hailed as heroes, they're denigrated and stripped of funds by White House ideologues who don't know what an African slum is.

I was reading the times for articles on human rights for a class of mine, and this is one of the pieces I foudn. This is the kind of thing that, as a woman, simply enrages me. This administration offends me personally, to think that they have anything to do with representing me (which, quite literally, they don't. I didn't vote for any of these people). No, I may not be poor and I may not be Chinese or African, but I'm a woman, and this kind of side swipe at those women who are really in need hurts me personally. Especially since it's for votes, it appears.

Call me bitter, but I'd like to see what happens when one of his drunken little girls gets knocked up.

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